Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Online casino guide

What a good online casino guide should be like?

Informative, nicely designed and useful for real and fun players alike. There are many of them out there in the internet and they all try to help visitors with gaming decisions. Some provide news and views on the latest casino promotions or provide space for forums and comments to more social type of visitors.

Some others write "how to" articles and show some best casinos to play at. A recent development is the flash games playable from the browser - all visitors just seem to love them. Players do not need powerful computers but software providers need a good techie background to serve fun players.

Online slot machines are the most popular games online as they are versatile and themed. You may have heard of 3D video slots or classic slot game collections. They are available to free players who want to play for fun.

Blackjack game

Since the invention of the original social card game from the French, called: ˝Vingt-et-un˝ or (21) which was later named by Americans as ˝Blackjack˝ the game has never lost its appeal. Many variations have sprung up since then offering different rules for each type of blackjack game there is. 

Though it can be a game of chance for some, those who were clever would (count cards) and have an advantage to win the game by knowing the probable cards held in order to have an upper hand. In recent decades since companies like Microgaming and Playtech have reinvented the classic game in electronically form, the game has taken a whole new twist. A player who could count cards in the traditional method found that it was literally impossible to make the same happen with online blackjack. 

The method was simple since the random generation of the game software could allow any combination to occur, making the so-called (card counters) stick to the actual card game. But for those who like blackjack in general, the intention of social gaming became big business for online casinos offering big winning pots.

International blackjack tournaments helped make the game more social and less of a simulation. Featuring live chat and in some cases live video feeds give this game more of a personal feel along with the thrill of the game itself. Much of the original history of the game involved a group who could interact with each other. 

By itself, the game is entertaining enough but within a group it can build into the social structure of what card games are all about, the true thrill of the win and the agony of defeat. Blackjack is one of the few games that never loses appeal, with the new online forms of the game it continues to capture the spotlight every time.

Playtech casinos

Innovative technology coming directly from Europe offers the latest in software development in the new and lucrative market of on-line gaming solutions. One of which, Playtech, founded respectively in 1999, specifically in the markets targeting casino games, casual games, sports betting, and live gaming lottery that includes the World’s largest Poker and Bingo networks. Supported by real-time programming and cutting-edge integrations, have made their portfolio of gaming solutions original and effective. 

Supported from a staff of over 900 European employees this company is proud to lead the industry with one of the most diverse and talented teams specializing in R&D teams, content development and creative gaming platforms.Providing licensing with their cutting-edge tools and cross-selling opportunities offers player loyalty through their professional devotions toward the management and  interfacing from their superior’IMS’ software. One of the most powerful systems used for speed and deployment related to gaming solutions.

 Several well-known and respected gaming sites such as: Unibet, Betfair, bet365, William Hill, Paddy Power and Sky are listed among their licensees have utilized their name among the top companies offering on-line expertise and has attracted several new companies that follow in the wake of their recent years in the field. Providing excellent and extensive services in this regulated gaming market, Playtech has created a framework that allows their product to remain one of the most extensive suite of reserved of on-line gaming solutions using their responsible gaming tools. 

Not to mention that Playtech was the first choice of state-authorized for regulatory practices for the Serbian lottery, and the Finnish slot association: ˝RAY˝.